Common types of flotation reagents

1. LC-YF is suitable for various oxidized ore, effectively improving the recovery rate of operations.

2, LCF-01 for iron ore in addition to silicon, the desulfurization. The agent has strong puffing ability and high selectivity in water temperature and neutral medium of 6 or more, and the iron concentrate has high grade and high yield.

3, LC-L1, LC- D1, LC-P1, LC-Y1 suitable mineral spodumene, tourmaline, boron ore, fluorite minerals.

4, LCF-02 is suitable for mica ore dressing. According to the different types of mica, different dosage ratios are adopted, and the mica product has high purity.

5, LCF-03 is suitable for silica sand ore in the neutral medium in addition to magnetic iron, iron oxide, iron silicate, so that the iron content of silica sand products is reduced to below 0.026%.

6. LCF-OC and LCF-06 are used together with the following characteristics: they are used for flotation of aluminum sand and iron removal under fluorine-free, acid-free and alkali-free conditions; easy to prepare, water temperature above 8 °C; tasteless; good selectivity for mineral flotation; flotation low cost, simple process; environmental pollution, without the need for wastewater treatment; LCF-06 can be used alone in the apatite flotation.

7. LCF-OB, LCF-07, LCF-OA, and LCF-05 are different combinations according to the nature of ore. They are strong in kyanite , andalusite and sillimanite in alkaline, neutral and acidic media. The collection and selectivity.

8, LCF-08, LCF- 09, LCF-10 suitable for gold silver, lead and zinc sulphide ore dressing.

9, LCC-01, LCC-02, LCC-03 can be copper , rare earth extractant. LCJ-OB and LCJ-01 are suitable for cyanidation of gold and silver minerals, which can significantly increase the leaching rate, and the consumption of sodium cyanide is greatly reduced.

10, LCJ-OB is suitable for copper sulfur and molybdenum separation, strong inhibition, high molybdenum recovery rate.

11, LCW-03, LCW-OC, LCW-05 is suitable for different types of sewage treatment, with complex stability, rapid precipitation, high purification rate.

12, YC-01, YC-02, YC-03 high-efficiency dust suppressant, effectively suppress dust pollution in coal yards, ore fields, bare watches, dust roads, tailings ponds and other places.

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