Applying Leaf Humidity Sensors to Prevent Plant Diseases

Plants grow under natural conditions and are exposed to dust, sludge, fungal microorganisms and other sources of pollution, and are susceptible to environmental conditions. For example, in agricultural production activities, many crops suffer from diseases that are related to pathogenic spores in the environment. As a living organism, germination and infestation of pathogenic spores require the catalysis and support of external environmental conditions. The most important factor is the leaf surface humidity, and the pathogenic spores can only be found if the leaves have suitable moisture. Will germinate and infect plants. Therefore, in order to prevent plant diseases, we can use the leaf surface humidity sensor to pay attention to the change of the leaf surface humidity and regulate it in time so as to provide no conditions for the development of pathogenic spores.

Foliar humidity sensor

Plants, like humans, also suffer from diseases, and plants also have pathogens. The pathogens are closely related to their environment. Foliage humidity is an important indicator for monitoring the physiological ecology of plants and an important condition for the germination of plant spores. Therefore, like the prevention of plant diseases, we should pay more attention to the state of leaf surface humidity. Foliar humidity sensor is a professional equipment for testing the volumetric water content of the leaf surface of plants. Applying the leaf surface humidity sensor to closely monitor the humidity condition of the plant leaf can not only understand the physiological condition of the plant, but also can timely regulate the excessive humidity of the leaf surface. Do a good job of pest control work to ensure the safety of crop growth.

With the development of facility agriculture, the application of greenhouses has become more and more widespread. Crops grow in greenhouses. Although they provide a protection, the enclosed environment can also easily lead to the production of high temperature and high humidity environment. Disease, disease occurrence and physiological and biochemical processes will have a certain impact. The leaf surface humidity sensor is an important environmental detection instrument for determining leaf surface humidity. It is applied to the greenhouse greenhouse planting management work. It can provide scientific basis for the fine management of greenhouses, provide a reference for the early warning of facility diseases, and strengthen greenhouses. Production management and improvement of planting quality have played an important role.

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