2018 spring started busy 5 stars 6 tons of small digging strongly recommended!

In March, the two conferences were in full swing in 2018, and throughout the country, the opening and resumption of roads, railways, and various types of municipal maintenance, pipeline laying and other projects were also actively preparing. Construction machinery represented by excavators will usher in another Sales hot season.

Among them, the small excavation of flexible and compact body is not affected by the narrow operating range, making it play an irreplaceable role in municipal construction. Demand from the market has also prompted major manufacturers to work hard to dig small areas, followed by the introduction of a representative classic small digging machine, which has risen year after year in the proportion of digging machine sales. In 2017, the sales volume of small excavators of 13 tons or less has been maintained at around 50%. In February 2018, there were more than 5,220 units of digging sales, accounting for 47%, and they still maintained an absolute advantage.

"Looking for fascinating eyes", in the face of the small diggers introduced by many brands, "partnership difficulties" of small partners can easily tangled up what brand of equipment to buy for the upcoming start of work season. According to the statistics of recent excavator sales in China, and the “Axis Shopping Mall Inquiry Index”, China Construction Machinery Business Network has selected 5 models of 6t-class small digging machines from among them and started construction soon. .

NO1. Trinity SY55C-10 excavator

Sales in 2017: more than 4500 units

There are two small ones for the 6t level of Sany, SY55C-10 and SY60C-10. Although the SY55C-10 is a lighter model, it is the star product of Sany's main mini excavator. one. According to statistics of China Construction Machinery Business Network, the sales volume of SY55C-10 in 2017 was close to 4200 units, which is a small amount of digging of 6t level!

Trinity SY55C-10 excavator


Isuzu engine

SY55C-10 excavator is the SY55C-9 excavator's State III upgrade product, SY55C-10 small body, high energy, configuration exclusive Isuzu engine, Rexroth hydraulic system, NACHI walk, NACHI rotation, powerful; intelligent matching control system, The perfect match between the engine and the main pump is realized, the action is more rapid and the work is more lasting; the new controller is used to accurately control the fuel injection in real time, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 10% compared with the previous generation under the equivalent efficiency.

Trinity has been proved to be a guarantee of quality after many years of application. The SY55C-10 excavator has a good quality and a good user experience. Although the label is 55C, its performance and weight are far ahead of the same model, becoming 6t. A leader in the field of small digging.

Basic parameters:

Working weight: 5780kg (weight is the same in the same model)

Standard bucket capacity: 0.1~0.28m3 (select according to different materials)

Rated power: 36kw/2100rpm (power has been improved compared to -9 generation products)

Bucket digging force: 45kN

Stick digging force: 33kN


2017 sales: more than 3700 units

XCMG XE60D is a bright star excavator of XCMG excavator. Its sales volume is also in the forefront of its product series. It adopts a new environmental Yanmar engine, low torque, low fuel consumption, high operating efficiency, reliable and durable. The arrangement of the intake pipe is optimized, reducing the intake resistance, increasing the intake volume, and improving the fuel efficiency.


In terms of hydraulic pumping systems, XCMG XE60D uses a large-capacity, variable-capacity, variable displacement pump with high volumetric efficiency. By rationally adjusting the pump power and adopting a new generation of main valve with a lower pressure loss, the overall machine consumes less energy, responds faster, and controls more accurately. And re-optimized the design of the boom and stick, and the key parts are further strengthened. The bucket teeth are installed with a cross pin and a new pin shaft fixing method is used to effectively prevent the gear sleeve from falling off.

Basic parameters:

Working weight: 6010kg

Rated power: 36.2kW/2100rpm

Bucket capacity: 0.09-0.20m3

Bucket digging force: 48.3kN

Stick digging force: 32.5kN

NO.3 Doosan DX55-9C

2017 sales: more than 2,700 units

Doosan DX55-9C is a DH55 GOLD upgrade based on the excellent reputation of the users. Although it belongs to the 5-ton model, the gap between the operating range and front-end working device parameters and Doosan's 6-ton digging is not large, and it is also fuel economy. The excellent performance on the platform is enough for the user to choose it without hesitation, and it has obvious advantages in the small-toning market of 5 tons.

Doosan DX55-9C Excavator

The DX55-9C is based on the DH55 GOLD upgrade and R & D products, its upgrade performance in three major areas: First, the engine selection changes; Second, the main control valve has been re-optimized; Third, the front-end working device Improved upgrade. The above three points have greatly improved the performance of the DX55-9C. The performance of the DX55-9C has been improved, the fuel consumption has been significantly reduced, and the overall performance has been significantly improved.

Basic parameters:

Working weight: 5500kg

Rated power: 36.2kW/2100rpm

Bucket capacity: 0.18-0.21m3

Bucket digging force: 41kN

Stick digging force: 25kN

NO.4 Caterpillar 306E2

Sales in 2017: About 1100 units

The E series of small hydraulic excavators are catered specifically for Chinese users by the Caterpillar for higher performance and lower cost of use. They not only continue the excellent quality and performance of the D series, but also have lower fuel consumption and more. Low maintenance cost features. The E2 digging is based on the E series products, a series of simple configuration, upgrades, including changes, closer to the Chinese users for performance and cost requirements, become the user choose this product the most important factor.

Caterpillar 306E2 Excavator

The extremely fast, smooth and responsive hydraulic motion of the excavator can further improve the accuracy and efficiency of the job. The standard tail swing design incorporates counterweights that extend beyond the rear of the machine to maximize the stability of the machine during lifting and excavation. The 306E2 sets the industry standard for a traditional six-ton ​​tail swing excavator.

Compared with the 306E, the same model of the 306E2 engine changed from c2.6 to c2.4. However, the E2 series has a perfectly reasonable hyperbolic design that gives the bucket the best wear resistance, increased load capacity, and reduced maintenance. The performance of the bucket has been greatly improved, the material entering and exiting conditions have been improved, and the digging cycle speed is faster.

The main parameters:

Work quality: 5800kg

Rated power: 34.7 kW (47.2 hp)

Bucket capacity: 0.25m3

Bucket digging force: 39 kN

Stick digging force: 28 kN

NO.5 Komatsu PC60-8

Sales in 2017: about 800 units

The Komatsu PC60-8 excavator is an 8-series product. The tonnage setting is between PC56-7 and PC70-8. It is equipped with a Komatsu high-power SAA4D95LE-5 compact light turbocharged engine with a rated output power of 55 hp. , Small size, large power. It is not only a job with a wide range of strengths and jobs, but also suitable for work with a slightly larger number of jobs. Therefore, its application is also very extensive, not only in municipal garden projects, but also in tunnels, houses, subways and other projects. Vulgar performance. It can be said that this PC60-8 small hydraulic excavator is a model of the leader of the reliable Komatsu excavator!

Komatsu PC60-8

In addition, in order to reduce fuel consumption, Komatsu PC60-8 is also equipped with a standard engine automatic speed reduction function, and can select different types of operating mode according to operating conditions; set the economic operation indicator and long idle time alarm function, Control unnecessary fuel consumption and achieve energy-saving operation. In the user's consultation, the low fuel consumption of the PC60-8 excavator has become the most important factor for popularity.

Basic parameters:

Working weight: 6180kg

Standard bucket capacity: 0.25m3

Bucket maximum digging force: 54.8kN

The maximum digging force of the stick: 39.8kN

Rated power: 40.7kW (turbocharged)

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Roof And Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine


Working principle:

Steel sheet is made into roof and wall panel by machine through cold-bend forming technology.



Roof And Wall Panel produced by roll forming machine are widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. It is mainly used for roofing and wall of buildings, such as steel structures, airports, storehouses,etc.




2.Roll Forming System                

3.Cutting Device           

4.Hydraulic Station        

5.PLC control system       


Working Flow:

Loading coil – decoiling – guide feeding – main roll forming – hydrarlic cutting – finished products

Working Flow


Roof And Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Technique Parameters:


Processing material: aluzinc/galvanized steel/colored steel coil

Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

Main motor power: 4kw(can change as request)

Pump power: 4kw

Shaft diameter: 60mm

Forming steps: 15steps and more

Roller material: high grade 45# steel, hard Chromium plating

Main frame:300H steel

Medium plate thickness: 16mm


Material of the cutting blade:Cr12

Control system: PLC computer control

Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 60Hz (can change as customers request)


Our Roof And Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine can greatly simplifie the production process and improve production efficiency.

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