About the helmet: Can't you really land?

In the process of cycling, the danger is always accompanied by the left and right. A high-quality helmet is the first thing we consider during the ride. It can also be the most direct personality of a knight, with a function similar to an ID card. Everyone will affirm the role of the helmet in protecting the accident.

But what's interesting is that everyone has a different opinion about the "can the helmet be dropped on the ground?" Some friends believe that the "helmets fall down" statement, resolutely resist the act of placing the helmet on the seat; others do not believe this set of rhetoric. So scientifically speaking, can the empty helmet fall to the ground and continue to use it?

To answer such a topic, we have to look at the original design of the helmet: even if the current helmet is lightweight, noise reduction and aerodynamics, its most direct function is simple and straightforward: protect the bicycle The head of the person. Everyone knows that the head has no hard ground. Manufacturers naturally understand this truth. The engineers of ARAI succinctly point out that the rider wearing the helmet is 60% more likely to survive the accident than the helmet. Such obvious differences also prove that wearing a helmet is not alarmist for safety improvements.

Since the helmet is designed to protect the head, it should be designed and developed in the design process as "there is a head in the helmet as the condition of the force body," but the final product is also finished. It will only play a protective role in the case of a crash. Interestingly, many friends think that helmets must be "hard" to play a role: "carbon fiber is better than fiberglass, don't buy engineering plastics" is a widely circulated statement.

This statement is actually biased. In fact, the outer shell of the helmet plays the most important role of "maintaining the shape of the helmet with the ground and making the sliding to consume the energy caused by the impact." What really protects is the engineering foam in the helmet. During the impact, the deformation of the foam absorbs the potential energy caused by the inertia of the head during high-speed movement. And this deformation will only happen when there is enough energy to impact the foam, which was designed in advance by the helmet engineer. The empty helmet is dropped from the fuel tank or the seat. If the high-speed impact is not achieved, and the head is not in the helmet, the internal foam will not be damaged.

Then a friend has to say: Even if the engineering sponge as energy absorption does not deform, but the helmet body may still be damaged by the impact? Rest assured, this engineer has also considered it. As mentioned above, the main function of the helmet is to keep the helmet intact when it is impacted. This is a prerequisite for head protection. In the case of a crash, the helmet body will only partially touch the ground, but the impact will be released to every corner of the helmet. A helmet in the manufacture of the helmet body will arrange different materials in different positions to achieve the balance of the force. The impact caused by falling from the car is too small to reach the target of the crash, and the energy will be easily absorbed so that it will not cause damage.

It is worth noting that although the helmet will not damage the helmet when it falls to the ground, there is a prerequisite that there must be enough contact area. Listening is very embarrassing, in fact, it means to "distance from the small and pointed objects on the contact surface". Although the energy caused by the impact is similar, but because it is concentrated at a small point, it will still be a small area. Damage is caused, and once it crashes, it may cause the energy transmission of the helmet to fail. Therefore, we should be more cautious than the empty helmets that fall to the ground and fall onto the beer bottle slag and sharp stones.

In short, the conclusion is that "empty helmets fall to the ground and will not affect the safety of the helmet." You may break a wind tunnel or scrape a good paint, but the helmet can still be used normally.

Finally, the most important point is that any of the above conclusions are in the premise that the quality of the helmet is guaranteed. If you use a helmet with no basic quality certification, then I suggest that the first thing you should do is buy one. Top with at least DOT certified helmet.

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