Self-priming centrifugal oil pump structure features an…

The trend of large-scale centrifugal pump in the world has become increasingly apparent. Although over 10 million ultra-million box centrifugal pumps have been put into operation, 155 ultra-million box centrifugal pumps will be put into operation in the coming four years. Some foreign expe

The foundation of the J10MPV project of Jiangsu Jiulong…

On the morning of January 8, 2012, the foundation laying ceremony of the J10MPV project of Jiangsu Jiulong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held. It is reported that after the first phase of the J10MPV project is put into operation, the Jiulong Automobile J10MPV will have a production capaci

Sailing and launching the largest CNC marine rolling ma…

Recently, Fengan Hualu Forging Machine Co., Ltd. has completed the installation and adjustment of the WEF11K-37×21000 large-scale CNC marine coiling machine produced by Qingdao Yangfan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and has already put into production. This product is currently the largest marine roll

Dutch scientists invent nano car seen under microscope

Cars have become very popular in people's daily lives. It is not unusual for people to see them. But have you ever seen a car that you can only see under a microscope? This is the only nano-vehicle that was invented by scientists in the Netherlands. It is also the world's smallest

Specific causes of thermal oil pump stuck

For the old hot oil pump (heat-conducting oil pump), the cause of the seizure is mostly diesel oil is not clean, there is mechanical impurity between the plunger and the plug sleeve, or the surface of the plunger and plunger sleeve is pulled, or the top edge of the plunger is bumped Caused

China SINOTRUK Truck Co., Ltd. on-site guidance to impr…

On October 19, 2011, the head of Sinotruck Truck Co., Ltd. led a group of people to the production site of the frame factory to investigate and instruct the quality of the heavy truck frame assembly. According to the introduction of Sinotruk truck shares frame plant, in view of the current situat

Composition and Application of Solenoid Valve Connector

First, the composition of the solenoid valve connector consists of plugs and sockets, plugs are square, sockets have a square and round. Second, the basic technical parameters 1, plug parameters: Number of needles 2+PE/3+PE Locking Method Center Screw Connection Screw Connection Section