The method of extending the life of the vehicle and the…

Is car maintenance calculated according to the date of use, or is it based on the number of kilometers traveled? This is a very tangled thing for many owners when they are approaching maintenance. Everyone's habits are different, and the road conditions used by the vehicle are different. It i

Analysis of Vehicle Oil Change Precautions

Car oil is the blood that sustains the life of the engine. It is the component that can cool and lubricate the engine. Nowadays, more and more owners have realized the importance of oil, but little is known about the correct use of oil. 1. When to change the oil People often say: The car should

Problems of Logistics System in Urbanization Constructi…

The Nobel Laureate in Economics and the United States economist Stiglitz asserted that one of the two things that have had the greatest impact on the world in the 21st century is China’s urbanization. As a service industry with a large employment capacity and flexibility, the logist

A new breakthrough for LED lighting companies: export m…

China is a big country in the production of LED lamps, especially in Guangdong. LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers are everywhere. With the ban on white countries and the widespread use of LED lamps in China, the export volume of LED lamps in China is also increasing year by year. rise. It is un

What are the benefits of urea fluid for cars?

The most basic function of urea solution for vehicles is to convert the nitrogen oxides in vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and water, save energy and protect the environment so that your car meets the national exhaust emission standards. Through inte

Foundation stone for Bayer MaterialScience's Shangh…

Bayer MaterialScience is expanding its HMD plant in Shanghai to meet growing demand for paints and adhesives in the automotive, construction, textile and footwear industries. The new expansion project has already broken ground and is expected to be completed in 2016. By then, the HDI produc

Service as a pump company competes for the market

The water pump market in the water supply and drainage industry is increasingly fiercely competitive and price pressures are increasing. All of this forces the pump manufacturer to adopt a more service-oriented approach to its end users. The maturing market is strongly demanding that pump