How to deal with paint exhaust gas

Spray paint is a kind of artificial paint, made of nitrocellulose, resins, pigments, solvents, etc. It is usually sprayed on the surface of the object evenly with a spray gun, which is resistant to water, oil, and dried quickly. It is used to paint automobiles, airplanes, wood and l

The development prospect of China's CNC machine too…

In the production of modern manufacturing, machine tools cannot be separated from processing machinery. The machine tool industry is a basic industry for manufacturing and a spine industry that promotes the development of the national economy. Since the founding of New China, the country h

Gate valve overview

Gate valve is the closing member (gate) along the centerline of the vertical movement of the valve. Gate valve is mainly used in the pipeline cut off. Gate valve is a widely used type of valve, the general caliber DN ≥ 50mm cutting devices are used it, and sometimes a small caliber shut-off

The promotion of grain drying technology has huge poten…

Just after New Year's Day, Zoomlion Wuhu Industrial Park is full of New Year's atmosphere and is very lively. On January 5, Zoomlion Grain Drying Machinery 2016 New Product Release Ceremony was held here. Covering grain, cash crop dryers, and energy-saving and environmental-friendly heat so

Calculation Method of Unit Price for Workpieces on Nume…

The quoting problem of mechanical processing is a more complicated issue. The main factors are the following: First, the problem of batch processing, single-piece and high-volume prices may be very different. The second is the complexity and tolerances of the workpiece, especially the

Shenyang's “disability” is mostly healthy. Zhu …

Shenyang "disability" is mostly healthy people said Zhu Yuanzhang is a professional icon diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-08-15 In Shenyang's commercial streets, pedestrian streets and other bustling streets, you can always see the hustle and bustle of shackles.

Drying Analysis of Three-Cylinder Drum Drying Equipment

Three-barrel drum drying equipment is the best choice for drying high moisture content biomass feedstocks and producing high quality biomass fuels. With the desiccator biomass material, the fuel efficiency of the biomass of 5-15% can be increased and the down emission can be reduced. It is used fo