SiTime Introduces the Smallest, Lowest Power, High-Precision MEMS Reference Clock

According to reports, SiTime Corporation, a leader in MEMS technology-based timing solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of MegaChips, has introduced the SiT1569 oscillator and SiT1576 Super-TCXO with a wider frequency range. The unique timing solution described above uses a miniature chip scale package (CSP) that helps coin-cell-powered IoT sensors continue to operate for up to 10 years. Thanks to SiTime's revolutionary TempFlat MEMS and mixed-signal technology, these products improve timing accuracy and reduce system power consumption. The ultra-reliable, low-jitter SiT1576 and SiT1569 reference clocks are designed to drive microcontrollers (MCUs) and analog front-end (AFE) modules to support a variety of portable IoT applications such as rail activity sensors and seismic sensing in harsh operating conditions Interface applications and personal medical diagnostic equipment.

SiTime Marketing Executive Vice President Piyush Sevalia pointed out: "SiTime's unique timing products are dedicated to providing solutions for the most challenging designs. Accompanied by the rapid development of the Internet of Things, small size, long-lasting battery life, and high-precision timing requirements , Increasingly occupy an important position. The SiT1569 oscillator and SiT1576 Super-TCXO provide the best size, power consumption and accuracy required to support new Internet of Things applications."

About SiT1569 Oscillator and SiT1576 Super-TCXO

Due to the replacement of the selectable frequency limited or internally generated (MCU) high power frequency, and the huge quartz oscillator, the MEMS timing solution provides a ? 崆 崆 械 械 械 4 4.跣 叽纾] 叽纾 啪 啪 啪 司 司 蛔愫 蛔愫 蛔愫 蛔愫 蛔愫 蛔愫 / / O pin occupation problem

The main technical parameters:

- Smallest footprint CSP-4 reduces space use by up to 80% over quartz solutions

* 1.5mm x 0.8mm (1.2 mm^2 area)

* 0.60mm high, more concealed appearance

- Supply current

* 2.5μA (100kHz, SiT1569)

* 5.5μA (100kHz, SiT1576)

- Frequency range (factory programming helps with quick delivery)

* 1Hz to 2MHz (SiT1576)

* 1Hz to 462kHz (SiT1569)

- Full breadth of capacitive frequency stability, including differences in initial bias and industrial operating temperature (-40 to +85°C). A more accurate clock can improve timing and extend battery life.

* ±5ppm (SiT1576)

* ±50ppm (SiT1569)

- Excellent jitter performance

* 2.2ns RMS Period Jitter (100 kHz, SiT1569)

* 4.0ns RMS Period Jitter (100 kHz, SiT1576)

- Increased startup speed up to 65% * 300ms (max)

- Highest reliability and durability; MEMS resonators 500 to 1000 times smaller than quartz

* 30 times more impact and vibration resistance

* 1 billion hours MTBF, 30 times more reliability

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