What are the principles for determining the quantity of drainage?

Mine drainage equipment mainly includes pumps, water pipes and corresponding Accessories.

(1) In mines with large water inflows in areas with long rainy seasons, the main drainage equipment consists of three pumps of the same type. Each pump should be able to discharge the normal water inflow of the mine for one day and night within 20 hours. When two units work at the same time, The maximum amount of water that can be discharged from the mine for a day or night (including filling water and muddy water).

(2) In areas with short rainy seasons, the maximum water inflow is not more than 2 times the normal water inflow, and the mine with less than 50 water inrush can be equipped with two pumps of the same type, and the ~ can be within 20 hours. Exhaust the mine for a normal amount of water in the day and night.

(3) In mines with complex hydrogeological conditions and large water inflow, the total capacity of all main pumps should be able to discharge the maximum possible water inflow, and the pump house should be appropriately increased. Temporary drainage equipment should be added.

What are the regulations and requirements for the pump house in the underground mine?

(1) Located near the wellbore, build as far as possible the No section of the rock is hard and dense and the crack is small.

(2) If there is a possibility of excessive water inrush in the mine or the normal water inflow exceeds 300 m3/h, the main pumping station in the lowest middle section shall be provided with a slanting channel and a ladder and a pipe grid for laying drainage pipes and cables. In order to transport equipment and personnel in the event of a flood.

(3) The exit of the inclined channel is generally 12 to 15 m higher than the rail surface of the bottom of the well, and the inclination is 30 to 45 degrees.

(4) A watertight door shall be provided at the entrance and exit of the pump house with inclined passages to communicate with the bottom hole yard.

(5) The position of the pump house and substation should be higher than the water level of 0.5m, the bottom level of the water tank is lower than the pump room level by 4m; the water absorption well is usually lower than the water supply channel by 0.5m.

(6) For the submersible pump house: the elevation of the pump house and the substation is 4m lower than the elevation of the bottom yard; the closed door should be installed in the passage from the pump house substation to the bottom hole yard. The bottom level of the water tank is 2.5m lower than the floor of the bottom of the well, 1.5m higher than the pumping height; the water enters the waterway through the water gate through the water gate, and then enters the suction well through the water distribution valve of the waterway. Every two pumps are equipped with a suction well.

(7) For the sealed pump house: the water gate is installed on the two wings of the transport main road; the pump house is separated from the main road by the closed door, and the water tank and the water distribution well are controlled by the high pressure water diversion gate; try to eliminate the drip water point, the pump and the drainage well ( Closed doors shall be provided in the blind abutment), the wind shaft and the main well communication.

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