China and Belarus strengthen cooperation in agricultural science and technology, veterinary and agricultural products trade

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] This website news December 11th, Vice Minister of Agriculture Yu Kangzhen met in Beijing with the visiting Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Zayaz Leonid, and his party White agricultural cooperation was exchanged.
Yu Kangzhen welcomed Zayaz Leonidé to visit China. He fully affirmed the achievements of China-Belarus agricultural cooperation and suggested that the two sides strengthen trade cooperation in agricultural science and technology, veterinary medicine and agricultural products. Yu Kangzhen pointed out that China and Belarus should focus on promoting cooperation in the field of agricultural machinery, encourage agricultural machinery enterprises of both sides to jointly build agricultural machinery industrial parks, carry out joint research in key technical fields, and jointly promote the upgrading of agricultural mechanization equipment technology.
Zayaz Leonidé fully agreed with Kang Zhen's views on strengthening bilateral agricultural cooperation and expressed his willingness to work together with China to jointly promote greater development of cooperation between China and Belarus in various fields.
After the meeting, Yu Kangzhen and Zayaz Leonidé signed the Action Plan for Cooperation in Agriculture between the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus for 2018-2020. (Original title: Yu Kangzhen met with Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Zayaz Leonid)

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