Brief introduction to experimental research on antimony ore slurry electrolysis industry

Experimental study of bismuth ore slurry electrolysis industry

Introduction results: Slurry Electrolysis is a new metallurgy method, the ore is added to the leaching pulp cell anode region, the cathode region at the same time outputs a metal, a metal extraction step. It is characterized by short process, low energy consumption, good environmental protection and high recovery rate.

The industrial test scale is 200t/aé“‹, and its technical and economic indicators: the total recovery rate of é“‹ is 96.4%, which is 10% higher than the original fire method, the power consumption is 2500kwh/tBi, and the processing cost is 3115 yuan/tBi. 200t/a realized a profit and tax of 6.58 million yuan. At present, it has built a 800t fine pulp electrolysis plant with an annual profit and tax of 26.33 million yuan. Eliminate the air pollution of Be, F and SO2. The method is suitable for low-grade, multi-metal, complex ores containing harmful elements that are difficult to handle by fire. In 2000, it built a factory that processed 3,000 tons of complex gold concentrate in Yunnan. Has a broad promotion prospects.

Casting products include series grinding balls, grinding segments, forged balls, rolled steel balls; series of High-Manganese Steel Wear-Resistant products; required for agricultural machinery and engineering machinery such as internal combustion engine cylinders, cylinder heads, gearbox housings, etc. Series products, etc.; coal machine middle plate, coal machine shovel plate groove, baffle groove gang, etc. required by coal mining machinery industry.

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