Specific causes of thermal oil pump stuck

For the old hot oil pump (heat-conducting oil pump), the cause of the seizure is mostly diesel oil is not clean, there is mechanical impurity between the plunger and the plug sleeve, or the surface of the plunger and plunger sleeve is pulled, or the top edge of the plunger is bumped Caused by glitches.

For the new hot oil pump, the reasons for the sticking are as follows:

1) The storage and storage of hot oil pump is poor, the packaging is not strict, the moistureproof and rustproof material is leaked or damaged, and the oil pipe joint dustproof cap is damaged or lost, which may also cause the phenomenon of seizure.

2) At present, some hot oil pump manufacturers and maintenance units do not pay attention to the selection of high-quality diesel oil when commissioning the hot oil pump. As a result, the actual colloidal content of the debugging diesel oil is large and the acidity is high. After this adjustment, a layer of residual oil film adheres to the mating surface of the precision oil pump of the hot oil pump. If the hot oil pump is stored for a long time, this layer of oil film will gradually produce organic sediment and gel, and it will cause seizure after installation.

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