Traditional light source is not full of LED robbing the market to launch a counterattack

Under the global situation of energy saving and environmental protection, the traditional light source can no longer meet the needs of lighting. As a new light source, the LED has been increasingly exposed in the active exploration of many years. International lighting giants have already penetrated into the field of LED lighting, and many traditional lighting companies in China have also invested in LEDs, hoping to occupy a place in this large-scale industrial transformation. However, for traditional lighting manufacturers, cutting into LEDs is not an easy task. Where should the traditional light source that is declining gradually go? Does this trigger a counterattack of traditional light sources?
It is not to eliminate the ban, but to inherit the development of the traditional light source to the LED light source. Some manufacturers are inevitably eliminated in the market competition, but some are based on the steady development of technology, after all, any emerging industry must withstand The test of the market can mature and change from a different angle. This is also the process experienced by any traditional light source. Traditional light sources and LED light sources are representatives of different stages of development. The rapid development of the LED industry and the promotion of the government are not It means that the LED is the nemesis of the traditional light source.
Consumer Daily's editor of China's lighting special issue, An Zhenpo, recently put forward on Weibo: Don't regard LED and traditional lighting as a simple alternative relationship, let alone split it. If you do this, you will only bury the LED light source industry. LED and traditional lighting are the relationship between inheritance and development. We should use this kind of thinking method to study the flexible and variable characteristics of LED light source combination, to study the application of LED light source and lamps, and to find the most suitable use of the land to shine. Looking at LED light sources and lighting from an alternative perspective is naive and superficial.
It is not from scratch, but because of the accumulation of public opinion, the government is too aggressive in promoting the LED lighting industry. It is doubtful about the promotion of LED in the public lighting field by many provincial and municipal governments. It is understood that as early as November 2008, Guangzhou City Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. Street Light Management Office invested more than 2 million pairs of 6 LED street light brands for trial use, of which domestic and imported brands. Not only in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi and other key provinces and cities have started the LED streetlight pilot application several years ago, and through the timing measurement to determine the applicability of the product.
Based on the pilot application in the past few years, many provincial-level regions have gradually applied LEDs in the field of public lighting. In May this year, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government issued the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Use of LED Lighting Products in Guangdong Province. In the next three years, LED products will be popularized in public lighting. This three-year period of concern is not from scratch, but on the basis of the pilot application of the past years. Yu Shirong, director of the Joint Innovation Center of the Semiconductor Lighting Industry of Guangdong Province, said: Since the beginning of 2009, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology has organized demonstration projects such as the industrialization project of thousands of high-power LED street lamps, which require high safety and reliability. The LED street light is on the pilot. It turns out that LEDs are mature in terms of both economic and social benefits.

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