Shi Fumei's 60 years of "winning in the world" must "win in China"

Shi Fumei's 60 years of "winning in the world" must "win in China" Recently, Shi Fumei's board meeting in the fourth quarter of 2012 was held in Beijing. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity to further understand Servomex's development, Chris Cottrell, CEO of Servomex and Chuck Hurley, Director of Global Sales and Marketing He also conducted an exclusive interview with Zhu Qiyu, general manager of the Asia Pacific region.

Reporter: Mr. Chris Cottrell, how have Shi Fumei been 60 years old since its establishment in 1952. First of all, would you please talk about Shi Fumei's development history and current developments?

Chris Cottrell: Servomex originally started with paramagnetic oxygen analysis technology. As the "founder" of paramagnetic technology, we have not only made achievements in this area, but also zirconia, photometry, thick film and other technologies. The field has been opened up and has also been recognized by a wide range of users.

In the past 60 years, Servomex has always focused on gas analysis and devoted itself to the development of sensor technology to create more professional and reliable gas analysis instruments. At present, Servomex has at least 14 gas analysis sensor technologies. We can say that we are one of the few companies in the world that can provide the most advanced and comprehensive gas analysis technology.

Now, Servomex's development is very good. It can be said that among the global gas analysis manufacturers, Servomex is one of the fastest growing companies. Although the economic crisis in the past few years has caused a heavy blow to the global economy, I can certainly tell you that the economic crisis has not affected Servomex. In the past two years, Servomex’s sales have maintained a double-digit growth. We are able to maintain this good development mainly due to our customers. Our customers believe that Servomex's products can help their factories to operate better, improve operational efficiency, improve product quality, and maintain plant and production process safety, so they are willing to invest in Servomex products. It is with their support that Servomex did not suffer a setback in the economic crisis. In return, we are constantly working closely with our customers to meet the various needs of our customers and reward our customers with better products and services.

Reporter: This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Shi Fumei. What are your celebration activities or plans?

Chris Cottrell: The Servomex celebrations will be considered from three levels: company, supplier and user.

Servomex headquarters in the United Kingdom will arrange many small celebrations, including celebration days. The company encourages employees to participate in the entire family, through this channel to make employees more in-depth understanding of the company's history and culture. Offices around the world, including China, organize such events and other offices organize other follow-up activities.

The supplier provides us with high-quality raw material products, involving every detail of the instrument production. It can be said that they are the important guarantors for Servomex to manufacture high-quality instruments, and it is also our gas analyzer's ability to remain competitive in the global market. Supporter. The company specializes in organizing different forms of activities for suppliers, allowing them to better understand Servomex's past, present and future, consolidate their cooperative relationships, and enhance their confidence in working with Shi Fumei.

For the majority of customers, we will hold customer communication summits, invite top experts in the field of analytical instruments, and exchange and talks with users of large multinational corporations to actively understand the needs, opinions, and suggestions of research experts and users in the field and collect these Information will provide tremendous help to our technology, product development direction, and better customer service.

Servomex has gone through 60 years. We are very proud of our achievements. What is more important is that we look forward to the next more exciting 60 years.

Reporter: Shi Fumei has been focusing on the gas analysis industry for more than 60 years and is also a gas analysis company that can produce a full range of sensors. Would you please tell us how Servomex maintains its position as a global leader in gas analysis?

Chris Cottrell: First of all, based on the existing technology, we are constantly developing and perfecting our gas analysis technology. We can not only provide users with gas analysis instruments, but also provide sample gas processing systems. Compared with other companies, we use the most comprehensive gas analysis technology to provide our customers with the widest range of choices and provide the most The best solution. This is the main reason why we can establish ourselves in the market.

Secondly, we also have a team of experts. Customers can obtain more professional technical guidance from us. Our consultation and communication channels are very open. This is our leading requirement for gas analysis.

In addition, our customer service sees users as application experts in the field. This will prompt customer service personnel to become more proactive and comprehensive in understanding the field of gas analysis expertise, and gradually build confidence to ensure that customers are provided with professional and quality services. . Good after-sales service is another important guarantee for us to base ourselves on the market.

Reporter: At the end of 2010, Servomex acquired Delta F, a manufacturer of process analyzers, and it has been nearly two years since. What changes did Delta F bring to Servomex to bring to Servomex? And what impact does the market have?

Chris Cottrell: To be sure, this is a very successful acquisition. Delta F's technology is also very advanced in the world, especially in the semiconductor industry. This acquisition includes Delta F's products and technologies. Through this acquisition, Servomex further enhances its ability to provide complete process gas analysis and measurement systems to related industries around the world.

It is worth mentioning that the addition of Delta F products has brought great development to Servomex's performance. In recent years, our market growth has been significant, and the growth has mainly come from Asia's mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea, etc. These countries and regions have contributed a lot to our market growth.

In the past two years, Delta F has gradually integrated into Servomex. Not long ago, the DF-340E oxygen analyzer was approved by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to allow its application to be extended to hazardous areas. This has special meaning for us, because this is the first product developed by Servomex after the acquisition of Delta F. We take it very seriously. This approval was also an extension of Delta F's Coulometric electrochemical sensor application in hazardous areas.

In the future, Servomex will use its own technology and application development capabilities, will continue to apply Delta F's products to a wider range of fields, Delta F will also help Servomex's products applied to the semiconductor industry. This is a situation that complements each other and will eventually achieve the effect of "1+1>2."

Reporter: Servomex is a technology-based company that attracts more and more attention in gas analysis technology and the market. What new technologies are there in gas analysis in recent years? How is the trend of gas analysis technology developing? of?

Chuck Hurley: The leading technologies for gas analysis over the past few years include thermal conductivity analysis (TCD), tunable diode technology (TDLS), laser analysis, and industrial chromatography. Among them, TCD enhances the performance of our original product, SERVOPRO MultiExact, and provides leading solutions for argon and nitrogen measurement; SERVOTOUGH Laser products combine TDLS with superior measurement accuracy to expand new industrial applications. Shi Fumei has always been at the forefront in the development of new technologies in the field of gas analysis. We hope to have the confidence to maintain this role and to make progress and development in continuous exploration.

The development trend of gas analysis technology is technology diversification. At present, we have at least 14 sensor gas analysis technologies. Servomex can provide both a single gas analyzer and an integrated service platform that integrates multiple sensor technologies. It can be used in hazardous areas and conventional safety areas. Through the various combinations of products to meet the different needs of customers.

Chris Cottrell: For a single gas analyzer, the trend is portable, small, fast, and sensitive. In addition, in addition to the basic requirements of the instrument's basic performance and stability, the instrument's external design, ease of operation, manageability, and ease of maintenance have gradually become important reference conditions for instrument selection.

Reporter: Shi Fumei has entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years. Now your company’s quarterly board of directors has also chosen to hold it in China. It can be seen that your company attaches great importance to the Chinese market. Two years ago, Ben Wang had an exclusive interview with Mr. Zhu Yuyu. At that time, he learned that Servomex will implement some localization strategies in China. Now that two years have passed, we would like to know what Servomex has done for the Chinese market. What are the new plans?

Zhu Yuyu: China is a very important market. Along with the prominent market position in the Asia Pacific region, especially China, in 2005 we established a factory in Shanghai and established a strong technical application development team. In 2007, Servomex will take its Asia Pacific headquarters from The relocation of Taiwan to Shanghai is a reflection of the strategic position of the Chinese market.

For China, we have always wanted to do more specific localization work and we are gradually implementing it. For example, (1) relocating certain product lines from the United Kingdom to China. Our sample gas processing system was originally produced in the UK, and it also began to be produced in China in 2011. (2) After Servomex acquired Delta F, a new laboratory for calibration and testing of Delta F products was established in Shanghai to serve local customers and ensure that Delta F's products are calibrated, tested, and repaired locally. . Almost all Servomex products in China, including Delta F products, can now be calibrated, tested, and repaired locally. (3) In the near future, we have also set up an application laboratory in Shanghai, which is dedicated to the development of industrial chromatography applications. This is the first application development laboratory established outside the UK, mainly to meet the needs of the Chinese mainland. Industrial chromatography product development needs. In other words, Chinese customers can not only get Servomex's latest products, timely after-sales service and technical support, but will also receive Servomex's gas analysis instruments developed specifically for the Chinese market.

Next, in order to serve Chinese customers better, next year Shi Fu Mei will organize several different levels of exchange meetings in China, invite experts from this field and Shi Fu Mei’s important customers to participate, and actively listen to the opinions and opinions of experts and users. Demand and forecast and judgment on the future direction of the gas analysis industry.

In the coming years, Servomex will implement a series of localization decisions in China, which will be presented to all users.

Reporter: According to the data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, the total amount of nitrogen oxides emitted from China in 2011 has risen, which is contrary to China's "Environmental Protection" Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Some people predict that the denitrification technology and testing equipment in industrial process analysis will develop greatly. CEMS (continuous flue gas emission detection system) is inseparable from this. Gas analyzer is an important part of CEMS. What considerations will Shi Fumei have for the Chinese market in the next few years?

Zhu Yuyu: China's investment in environmental protection is quite large. We have a deep understanding of this. For China's environmental protection market, especially with the rapid development of our related gas analysis market, we will not choose to stand idly by.

We have the most advanced and comprehensive technology in the field of gas analysis. This is our advantage. Before Shi Fumei did not realize the needs of the CEMS market, we recently began to increase our focus on this area and carry out research work.

It is worth mentioning that our research has made great progress. On the one hand, we have developed a laser instrument for ammonia slip, and we have done a lot of related projects in China; in addition, we have improved the combustion efficiency of zirconia. Make a breakthrough.

Reporter: Finally, how do you view the future development prospects of China's gas analysis market?

Chris Cottrell: Compared to my first visit to China when I was 25 years old, I was shocked by the changes in the past few decades.

Now, more and more international brands are targeting the huge market in China. For the gas analysis market, we see an increasing demand for high-quality process analytical instruments from Chinese factories. This may be a trend. We believe that in the next few years, China's gas analysis market will continue to grow. In order to better meet the needs of local Chinese customers, Shi Fumei will conduct some technical and production cooperation with local companies.

In addition, customer needs will become more and more professional. As customers learn about gas analysis and increase their application experience, they will become true experts in this industry and will put forward more and more professional requirements from the perspective of their own applications. Therefore, they desperately need more reliable products and want to cooperate with companies that are more technologically advanced. This is beneficial to Servomex.

Shi Fumei attaches great importance to China, the world's largest market, and also sees the huge potential of this market. Over the past 20 years, we have established a good foundation in China. Now we are working hard to provide our Chinese customers with The better, the more suitable products and services, gain more trust and support.

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