· Jinan City, Shandong Province, pure electric vehicle charging up to 1.45 yuan / kWh

On February 7, the Jinan Municipal Price Bureau issued the "Notice on the Service Price of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities", which stipulates that the charging service price of pure electric vehicles (less than 7 seats) in Jinan City shall be charged according to the charging degree. The maximum price per kWh charging service is 1.45 yuan. The regulation will be implemented from February 10th and the trial period will be one year.
It is understood that the charging and switching service fee charged by the charging and switching facility management enterprise to the electric vehicle user and the charging service provided by the personally owned charging facility are subject to the charging of the charging service. The standard upper limit is set by the municipal and municipal government price authorities. The charging service fee follows the principle of “slanting and preferential”, so that the electric bus and charging service cost of electric bus is not higher than 70% of the fuel cost of the automobile, and the electric cost and charging service cost of the electric passenger car are not higher than the fuel cost of the automobile. %, and timely adjustment according to fuel (gas) price changes to ensure that electric vehicle electricity and charging service costs are lower than gas vehicle use costs.

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