China’s Car Rental Company Will Debut Carpool Service for the First Time

Alibaba’s Gaode Map and China Shenzhou Car Co., Ltd. announced yesterday that they have reached a strategic cooperation, and Gaode will provide map services for the full range of products such as car rental, special cars and carpooling for China’s Car Rental Corporation. This is also the first time that China’s car rental company has announced public carpooling services in public. Not long ago, Dripping was also revealed that the carpooling business will soon be on-line. It seems that the two sides will join forces in the carpooling business.

Car service is a typical O2O. According to China Car Rental, it is promoting the development of special car business. Carpooling and P2P car rental services will be launched in the future to create a “mobile travel entrance”. The car service provided by China Auto has built a map service provided by Gaode. .

“The LBS+ released by Gaode integrates map big data and map cloud computing on top of the LBS development tools. It can help China’s car rental, car ownership, and carpooling to provide its own data management, analysis, and forecasting. Make intelligent business decisions.” Wei Kaiming, general manager of the Gaode LBS open platform, said. Liu Yayi, chief information officer of China Car Rental Co., Ltd. also stated that using LBS service can achieve an effective combination of urban travel time, cost and capability.

According to reports, the app of China Shenzhou Rent-a-Car Co., Ltd. will use the Gaode LBS+ service across the board, and the high-tech LBS open platform will give priority to technical support, provide map services and positioning services for the China Shenzhou Car Rental Product Line, and make use of the location of the Gaode Observation Deck. The data analysis platform provides data analysis and forecast for China Car Rental to realize smart car. For example, based on the high moral map and positioning, each app of the China Car Rental Company can display the change of vehicle position. The driver of the Shenzhou Special Vehicle can automatically plan the optimal route for the driver after the order is received, so as to arrive faster; through the Gaode Observation Deck, Shenzhou Special Vehicle It is also possible to analyze the regional business warm-up, which areas have a large demand for vehicles but fewer vehicles, and can deploy other regional vehicles for support.

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