Technical innovation "GW4D20 diesel engine product development" acceptance

Recently, Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized an expert acceptance of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.'s major technology innovation project in Hebei Province, "GW4D20 diesel engine product development." For the first time, this project integrates advanced technologies such as high-pressure common rail, supercharged intercooler, EGR cooling bypass, and DPF post-processing on domestic passenger car diesel engines, and applies for patents in vibration damping, noise reduction, emission control, and structural design. The project meets Euro V emission standards and has passed the VCA EU certification to fill the gap in the domestic passenger car Euro V diesel engine and has an annual production capacity of 140,000 units.
Through the implementation of the project, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. has established an independent independent research and development platform for passenger vehicle serialized diesel engines, cultivated a group of young technology research and development backbones, and formed a passenger vehicle diesel engine with independent research and development capabilities and mastering core technologies. The scientific and technological innovation team has improved the independent innovation capability of enterprises and has played an important role in promoting the development of the automotive industry in Hebei Province.
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