Gear material and heat solution quality and its management analysis

Strength performance of nitriding gear The wear resistance of nitriding surface is 70-80 higher than that of carburized surface. The bending fatigue strength of nitriding gear is equivalent to that of carburizing gear. The anti-adhesive ability of nitriding gear is tested by FZG gear bench test. Significantly higher than carburizing gears. The contact fatigue strength of nitriding gears is the focus of attention. Because the maximum Hertzian stress generated by the contact load of the gear is a certain depth below the surface, this severely tests the bearing capacity of the shallower nitrided layer. It is the result of the contact fatigue performance test, and the contact fatigue limit of the nitriding and carburizing gears is in the same level range. However, this does not mean that the nitriding gear can be fully compared with the carburized gear in terms of contact fatigue strength. When the gear modulus is large, the radius of curvature of the tooth profile also increases, and the depth of the corresponding Hertzian stress also increases. When the ratio of the depth of the nitrided layer to the maximum shear stress depth of Hertz is less than a certain value, fatigue pitting occurs. Or peel off.
The factors affecting the strength performance of the nitriding gear affect the contact fatigue strength, bending fatigue strength, anti-gluing property, wear resistance and brittleness of the nitriding gear. Factors affecting the strength performance of nitriding gears {Influencing factors and their tendency to increase the depth of contact nitriding layer, contact fatigue strength to improve fatigue strength, increase core strength, contact fatigue strength increase surface hardness, contact fatigue strength improve bending smooth test The depth of the diffusion layer is increased, the bending fatigue strength is increased, and the solid solution amount of nitrogen is increased. The bending fatigue strength increases the thickness of the notched sample compound layer, the bending fatigue strength decreases, the intergranular compound is severe, the bending fatigue strength decreases, and the wear resistance has the most lubricating phase. The wear-resistant, anti-glued phase has the highest resistance to gluing.
Selection of steel The nitriding gear steel should contain alloying elements that are prone to form nitrides, usually Cr, Mo, V, Al, and the like. Heart hardness The hardness of the heart directly affects the support capacity of the nitrided layer. Tests have shown that when the hardness of the core is increased from 240 to 260 HBS to 310 to 330 HBS, the contact fatigue strength can be increased by 30. Not only that, but the hardness of the core also affects the bearing capacity of the gear by affecting the surface hardness of the layer. Therefore, the relevant technical documents in the United States stipulate that the nitriding steel (such as 4140 and 4340) in order to obtain sufficient surface hardness, the core hardness can not be lower than 300HBs, otherwise the surface hardness can only reach about 50HRC. The surface remover liquid is applied to the surface of the vehicle body by using cotton gauze. At the same time, the remover liquid remains wet for 3 to 5 minutes on the surface of the coating, so that it fully acts with the paint and then rinses the entire body with water. Dry with buckskin or a soft cloth. If there is residue in the local area, re-treat it once.

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