Quanchai seizes opportunities for healthy development

Anhui Quanchai Group seized the opportunity to continue to promote the strong development of the company. In response to the continuing global financial crisis in 2009, it prevented the real economy from falling. The government has issued a series of policies and plans for stimulating domestic demand and revitalizing related industries. It has particularly highlighted the need to increase efforts to promote the economic development of “three rural issues”, continue to implement the subsidy system for agricultural machinery purchase, expand the scope of subsidy for agricultural machinery, and increase the subsidy funds to 100. 100 million yuan, and at the same time through relevant policies to encourage the car to the countryside. The implementation of these policies will be a good development opportunity for Quanchai. Quanchai should give full play to its product advantages and service advantages, seize opportunities, and continue to promote the strong development of the company.

First, based on innovation, continue to enhance the company's core competitive advantage. Quanchai's development over the years has been based on a high starting point for technological transformation and ongoing product technology upgrades, as well as the gradual accumulation of technology in the process.

In terms of technological transformation, Quanchai has invested nearly 600 million yuan in technical renovation costs since the 10th Five-Year Plan, and has established domestically advanced levels of processing lines, production lines, commissioning lines and product testing centers. Last year, it is expected to invest 410 million yuan, and the mechanical bodies and cylinder head casting projects that mainly introduce advanced equipment from Germany, the United States, Italy, and Denmark will also be successfully launched, laying a solid foundation for Quanchai's industrial development and product upgrading.

Since its implementation in 2005, Quanchai's 4D22E, 4D18E series of three products that were first developed in China through high-pressure common rail technology, and Guosan products developed through other technologies have brought good market opportunities to Quanchai.

The successful commissioning of large-horsepower diesel engines for construction machinery and agricultural equipment has also effectively promoted the upgrade of product structure. Under the current situation of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, Quan Diesel continues to adhere to the strategic thinking of technological leadership, accelerates technical cooperation with foreign countries, accelerates independent innovation, and continues to enhance its core competitive advantages.

Secondly, we will accurately carry out strategic positioning and actively serve the “three rural” economy. In the 90s of the last century, Quanchai was the leading enterprise for agricultural machinery in China. After being listed on the market in 1998, the company is market-oriented and closely adjusts the product structure of multi-cylinder diesel engines with small and medium bores. After nearly 10 years of development, Quanchai has become a leader in domestic multi-cylinder diesel engines with medium and small bore sizes, and is widely used in products. Light trucks, low-speed trucks, large and medium-sized agricultural equipment, construction machinery, etc. are mainly sold to the vast urban and rural markets. In order to promote the healthy development of the company, Quanchai focused on the key and accurately positioned the market. Focus on the urban and rural markets, and actively serve the development of the "three rural" economy.

Different from other companies, Quanchai is developing the production of multi-cylinder diesel engines, and at the same time, it is in line with market needs to grasp the production of single-cylinder diesel engines. These single-cylinder diesel engines have played an important role in agricultural production, especially this year's drought and seedling maintenance.

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