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Under the turmoil of the international financial crisis, Yuchai is like the Aoxue Hongmei in the face of wind and shows the most beautiful heroic position. In the first quarter of the past, Yuchai Group achieved sales revenue of more than RMB 5.6 billion, including sales in March. Revenue exceeded 2.8 billion yuan, an increase of 12% over the same period last year. The engine production and sales reached a record high, both exceeding 175,000 units. Entering April, Yuchai's product market is still buoyant. It is expected that in April, the number of engine sales orders will exceed 70,000, and construction machinery will exceed 600. At present, Yuchai Group is taking the opportunity to study and practice the scientific concept of development in an in-depth manner. It has built up internal training and has built a new round of development.

At the end of March, the “In-house training, building a tough environment, attacking tough problems, promoting scientific development, and building an international Yuchai” was the theme of the in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development in the Yuchai Group. The party organizations and management teams at all levels of the Yuchai Group are closely related to the theme, are close to the reality of production and operation, boldly explore innovative methods and methods, and are meticulous in doing research and research activities. In the learning process, we insist on "three combinations" to ensure the effectiveness of learning. The first is to combine ideological practicality to guide party members and cadres to seriously read and understand the theory of the scientific development concept and establish a new concept of scientific development. Second, to combine the situational sciences faced, accurately analyze and judge the situation, work hard to deal with the crisis, and actively manage the crisis. The third is to combine the existing problems in the study, based on the development, reform, and people's livelihood and other major issues, and vigorously promote product technology innovation, optimize the upgrading of industry and product structure, increase market development and supply chain construction, standardize management, strengthen Team-building, take the initiative to do a good job and do practical things, and strive to remove all obstacles that affect the healthy development of the company.

Units of the Yuchai Group closely focus on the near-term goal of “guaranteeing output, ensuring sales, and maintaining growth” and the core objective of “guarantee the company's healthy and sustainable development” and focus on innovation management, solving problems, and improving the quality and benefits of development. The special automobile company set off an upsurge of large-scale production. The sales line went all out to grab orders and rush the market, to achieve as much as possible the variety of batches to form a relatively fixed order channel; the production line was organized, prepared in advance, plans to implement, protect the sky mark Output; The management line has taken extra-conventional measures to ensure that the personnel required for production are quickly put in place; the party-group line service is in place, the pulse is felt, communication is promoted, and morale is encouraged. The foundry has the courage to overcome difficulties and challenge the limits and implement the “1% casting scrap rate project”. It challenges the international advanced casting level, and the effect begins to appear, setting a record for the best quality level: In February, the casting scrap rate dropped to 3.08%. This was a drop of 34% year-on-year. In March, the foundry scrap rate crossed the 3% threshold and fell to 2.9%. The individual model's foundry reject rate has exceeded 1%, dropping to 0.45%. Faced with the excellent production situation, the production lines and sections of the first factory have increased their horsepower and competed against the production of seconds. On April 11th, 672 units of the production line of the first-generation car assembly unit were produced, and the record of daily production delivery since the large-scale production was again refreshed. Yuchai Technician Association launched a large-scale production "send skills to process" activities. Technicians carefully taught their skills to eliminate problems for big production. The 40-year-old melting master Zeng Zhiyong, who has 40 years of rich experience in melting work, although he is approaching retirement, still has his own specialty. Recently, he has also taken in five melting technology backbones as his “disciple”.

Just as the in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development are in full swing, an encouraging message came: Recently, Yuchai Corporation and Yuchai Heavy Industry have all passed the national recognition and become state-level high-tech enterprises, enjoying a low corporate tax rate of 15%. This will surely become another impetus for the development of Yuchai.
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