The TY230 bulldozer won the title of 2007 brand-name products in Baotou City

Recently, the TY230 bulldozer developed and produced by Dadi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was evaluated by the Baotou Municipal People's Government as the “Administrative Measures for the Assessment of Baotou Branded Products”. After review by the expert panel, the social appraisal and related personnel of Baotou City Brand Strategy Promotion Committee Office and other relevant personnel were assessed as “2007. Baotou City Famous Brand Products" title.
(Source: Inner Mongolia Yiji Group)
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CNI offer wavelength Tunable Laser, the output wavelengths can be changed continuously within a certain range. Tunable lasers come with good beam quality, high stability and long life time, they are widely used in spectroscopy, photochemistry, medicine, biology, integrated optics, Laser processing,etc.


Tunable Diode Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band              Model                       Output Power                  Specifical       
403~407 nm TUN- 403~407 1~30 mW <0.1 nm
408~412 nm TUN- 408~412 1~30 mW <0.1 nm
448~452 nm TUN- 448~452 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
518~522 nm TUN- 518~522 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
634~643 nm TUN- 634~643 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
652~658 nm TUN- 652~658 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
Tunable Ti : Sapphire Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band Model Output Power Specifical
390~408 nm TUN-TiA-393~408 1~1000 mW <2 nm
770~840 nm TUN-TiN-770~840 1~400 mW <40 pm
770~840 nm TUN-Ti-770~840 1~1000 mW <2 nm
770~840 nm TUN-TiA--770~840 1~1300 mW <2 nm
Tunable Infired Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band Model Output Power Specifical

1400~1800 nm

TUN-W-1400~1800 1~2000 mW <2 nm
2600~4450 nm TUN-W-2600~4450 1~1000 mW <2 nm

Testing data


Pulse width 34 ns testing at 10kHz 

Ti: Sapphire Laser

 Power stability < 3%

Ti: Sapphire Laser

Tunable Laser

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