Jet Pump Features and Its Application in Process Lubrication System

1. Characteristics of liquid jet pump

Liquid jet pump is a non-rotating parts of the fluid machinery, which is through the jet media entrainment effect and the role of turbulent diffusion, the working fluid energy transfer to the slits suction liquid. Because of its simple structure, compact, good sealing performance of the pump body, hydraulic transmission Gong Li, can achieve long-distance control, and therefore suitable for high temperature, high pressure , high vacuum, deep water, strong radiation and strong corrosion conditions. At present, jet pump technology has been widely used in many fields at home and abroad, and its application in plate filter is a typical successful example.

2. Liquid jet pump structure parameters

1.1 jet pump structure.

Jet pump structural parameters include area ratio m, throat l2, throat length l4, roar pipe import angle α1 and diffusion angle α2 five factors. Where m = F2 / F1 = (d2 / d1) 2

By describing the performance of the liquid jet pump and the following three parameters to express:

Flow ratio q = Qb / Qa

The head ratio h = [(HcZc + Vc2 / 2g) - (Hb + Zb + Vb2 / 2g)] / [(Ha + Za + Va2 / 2g) - (Hb + Zb + Vb2 / 2g)]

Efficiency value η = qh / (1-h)

1.2 jet pump structure parameters of its performance

According to a large number of domestic and foreign scholars, when the range of values ​​is: m = 2-9, l2 = 1-6d0, l4 = 4-9d2, α1 = 150-1200, α2 = 0-140, v0 <50m / s When the result of its performance.

From this it can be seen that each structural parameter has the following effect on its performance:

(1) The area ratio is the main parameter affecting the jet pump, m = 3-4 is the high efficiency area.

(2) throat distance l2 = 1.0d0, the jet pump has a high efficiency point.

(3) Diffusion angle also has a greater impact on jet pump performance, when 40 <α2 <100 for the jet pump high-efficiency zone.

(4) The inlet angle of the throat has less effect on its performance.

(5) The length of the throat has a great influence on its efficiency, and its effective area is 6d4 <14 <8d2.

Because the experimental results with the boundary conditions selected range of different values ​​vary, so the various factors on the performance of the jet pump ability to change.

3. Test the jet pump vacuum generated by the system

Jet pump test device by the filter , hydraulic pump, motor , pressure control valve , globe valve , flow meter , jet pump and vacuum gauge and other components.

1 filter 2 pump 3 motor 4 pressure control valve 5,8,10,12, pressure gauge

6,15 Shut-off valve 7 Throttle valve 9, 14 Flowmeter 11 Jet pump 13 Vacuum gauge

4 test results and conclusions

(1) According to the above structure parameters of the jet pump performance, we use the value of the high efficiency range, take the area ratio m = 3, throat l2 = 1.0d0, diffusion angle α2 = 80, = 120, hose length l4 = 6d2

(2) jet pump nozzle diameter was l0 = 4mm, d0 = 6m, the test results.

According to the test results, under the premise of adopting the structural parameters, the negative pressure of the jet pump we developed can reach -0.06MPa, and the vacuum value increases as the difference of the inlet and outlet pressures increases.

5. Jet pump in the plate filter on the application

We based on the principle, its application in the following filtering system.

In practical applications, we apply this jet pump to the plate filter to obtain a good sealing effect, so that the whole filtering device has no leakage phenomenon. Therefore, the use of jet pump features cleverly applied to a variety of demanding, leak-free system, the negative pressure sealing effect is very obvious.

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