The promotion of grain drying technology has huge potential in China

Just after New Year's Day, Zoomlion Wuhu Industrial Park is full of New Year's atmosphere and is very lively. On January 5, Zoomlion Grain Drying Machinery 2016 New Product Release Ceremony was held here. Covering grain, cash crop dryers, and energy-saving and environmental-friendly heat source systems, the six new Zoomlion drying equipments on behalf of industry leaders are officially introduced to the market.

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Zoomlion Valley King dryer released 2016 new products

Breakthrough application in energy conservation and environmental protection

As a kind of high energy consumption equipment, grain drying equipment will develop in the future to high quality, low energy consumption, and environmental protection requirements. As the leading brand of domestic grain drying equipment, Zoomlion firmly grasps the direction of the development of the industry and continues to move toward innovative, energy-saving and environment-friendly new industrialization. Through innovative R&D, integration of resources, and cooperation between production, teaching and research, Zoomlion introduced a variety of new drying equipment that meets the needs of low-carbon environmental protection and continues to promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China.

Guwang DC250 low-temperature counter-current circulation dryer adopts unique dust-removing and smoke-removal technology, which makes the exhaust gas meet the requirements of environmental protection. In addition, the drying process can automatically match the control system according to the moisture content of the wet cereal and achieve a truly intelligent control of the drying process. According to the geographical energy resources in China, Zoomlion introduced a variety of heating equipment such as anthracite, crop waste, biomass, fuel oil, natural gas, and new energy sources as heat sources. Guwang DA130 Suspended Hot Blast Furnace is a new type of multi-purpose large-scale heat source system independently researched and developed by Zoomlion, which overcomes the disadvantages of burning black rice husks and polluting the environment. Biomass energy is used as fuel, and the drying cost is only 1/6 of fuel can be used as drying heat source for various agricultural and sideline products and various industrial materials such as grain, food, medicinal materials, and tobacco. In order to promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat sources, Zoomlion launched the Gull 5LLS-60 biomass hot blast stove, which can use biomass fuel processed from straw, rice hulls, and sawdust. This product adopts automatic constant-temperature drying technology, which can connect multiple dryers at the same time. The original design of air distribution enables the heat value efficiency to reach over 95%.

Leading the innovation of drying technology

In the main production areas of rice, rape, wheat and other crops in China, the dryer market is dominated by low-temperature circulating products. With the need for large-scale development of agricultural production, the future will be dominated by large tonnage, and the combination of multi-variety drying equipment will become a new trend. Zoomlion has developed more advanced and applicable dryer products through independent innovation and resource integration, and is committed to leading the innovation and development of the industry.

Guwang DC150 low-temperature cross-flow dryer as the domestic sales of leading products, welcomed by the majority of users. In 2016, Zoomlion optimized and upgraded this product, adopting low-rotation speed and large conveying spiral conveying, which greatly reduced the rate of grain breakage; at the same time, it increased the drying area and improved the drying efficiency. As a representative of Zoomlion large tonnage dryer products, Guwang DC300 dryer will become the mainstream of the domestic market in 2016. In order to reduce the rate of grain breakage, the hoisting system adds anti-breakage devices; the automatic temperature control device is used to automatically distribute the air, real-time adjustment of the hot air temperature ensures the quality of the grain; and the components of the storage system, such as tie rods, inlet hoods, and upper augers, are newly designed. Higher reliability and better drying efficiency. In addition to the main food crops, Zoomlion also actively participated in the R&D and promotion of drying technologies for cash crops, achieving breakthroughs in product reliability and crop matching. The King DR50 fungus dryer adopts a drum type drying device. It utilizes carbon fiber heating material to simulate the drying and heating of natural sunlight. It effectively locks the nutrients of fungus and improves the quality and taste value after drying.

It is understood that in 2016 Zoomlion will further improve the construction of the Guwang Grain Drying Equipment Demonstration System throughout the country, innovate product technology and services, and provide users with professional, efficient, and intelligent food drying solutions. At the same time, Zoomlion Dryer has successfully developed the Internet + intelligent control technology to promote remote monitoring, control, automated operations and efficient services, significantly improve the quality of drying operations, save manpower and time, and bring about more substantial economic benefits .

At present, Zoomlion Grain Drying Equipment Demonstration Base has covered China's major grain production areas, and has played a positive role in implementing the national food security strategy and enhancing agricultural productivity. (This article comes from Zoomlion Click to enter Zoomlion Online Purchase page )

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