Gate valve overview

Gate valve is the closing member (gate) along the centerline of the vertical movement of the valve. Gate valve is mainly used in the pipeline cut off.

Gate valve is a widely used type of valve, the general caliber DN ≥ 50mm cutting devices are used it, and sometimes a small caliber shut-off device is also used gate valve.

1, gate valve has the following advantages:

Small fluid resistance. External force required for opening and closing smaller. The flow of media is not limited. Full open, the sealing surface by the erosion of the working medium smaller than the stop valve. Simple shape, casting technology is better. 2, the valve also has shortcomings:

Overall dimensions and opening height are large. Installation requires more space. Opening and closing process, the sealing surface between the relative friction, easily lead to abrasions. Gate valves generally have two sealing surfaces that add some difficulty to machining, grinding and servicing. According to the structure of the gate valve will be divided into:

(1) parallel gate valve: sealing surface parallel to the vertical centerline, that is, two sealing surfaces parallel to each other gate valve. In parallel gate valves, the structure with thrust wedges is the most common, with double-sided thrust wedges in the middle of the two gate plates. This type of gate valve is suitable for low pressure medium and small bore (DN40-300mm) gate valves. There is also a spring between the two rams, the spring can produce preload, is conducive to the gate seal.

(2) wedge gate valve: sealing surface and the vertical center line into a certain angle, that is, two sealing surface into a wedge-shaped gate valve. The sealing surface of the tilt angle is generally 2 ° 52 ', 3 ° 30', 5 °, 8 °, 10 °, the size of the angle depends on the medium temperature level. The higher the general operating temperature, the angle taken should be greater in order to reduce the possibility of wedging occurs when the temperature changes.

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