Calculation Method of Unit Price for Workpieces on Numerical Control Lathes

The quoting problem of mechanical processing is a more complicated issue. The main factors are the following: First, the problem of batch processing, single-piece and high-volume prices may be very different. The second is the complexity and tolerances of the workpiece, especially the geometric tolerances, ie the accuracy level, which has a great influence on the quotations of the workpiece. The third is the local hourly rate, which also has a big relationship; there is the material, the degree of free cutting, and these factors all affect the quote, so the quotation issue is a comprehensive issue. In some cases, large batches still have to calculate the price of processing waste. If it is non-ferrous metals, then the waste must be clearly stated in advance. This is not a small income.
Assuming that you have an outer diameter of 18mm, an M16 screw with a length of 20mm will be supplied. The material is stainless steel. You need a knife for the outer diameter of the first car. Assume that the rotation speed is 120rpm and the feed rate is 0.1mm. Calculate the time of one knife is 24÷(120×0.1) is about 2min (24=workpiece 20+ tail width and cutter width);
The second step is the car buckle, M16 thread is 2mm pitch, then 20 long is 10 laps, plus the back width of at least 12 laps, according to 60 rev / min is 0.2 minutes, each knife returned by 0.2 minutes One-half of the calculation is 0.1 minutes. Adding the screw to the car is 0.3 minutes per knife. This thread roughing four-knife car is 0.3 x 5 = 1.5 minutes.
The third step is to cut off, according to 0.1 feed per revolution, 100 rev/min, that is, 16 ÷ (100 0.1 0.1) = 1.6 minutes above the total work time is 2+1.5 + 1.6 = 5.1 minutes if it is single, Add 30 minutes = 35.1 minutes to add the auxiliary time. The batch size will be appropriately increased by the batch size. For example, 500 can be given for 6 minutes.
Down is the hourly rate, according to the CNC 30 yuan / hour to calculate a single 35.1 × (30 ÷ 60) = 17.55 yuan / piece batch 500: 6 × (30 ÷ 60) = 3 yuan / piece of material + processing hours) * 1.3*1.08=RMB/piece machining hours converted into money. We are here to count. Each place is different
1.3 is a 30% profit. 1.08 is a 8% tax

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