Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: To ensure stable growth in the second quarter of industry

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice a few days ago and demanded that the current industrial economic operation be carried out to ensure the steady growth of the industry in the second quarter.
    The notice pointed out that in the first quarter, positive changes occurred in the operation of the industrial economy, initially reversing the momentum of rapid decline, but the foundation for industrial recovery was not solid, and it was still not enough to bottom out. The second quarter is the golden season of production, and it is also an important stage to reverse the steady growth of the decline in industrial growth. To this end, relevant departments must do their utmost to do a good job in the second quarter so as to ensure that, on the premise of improving the quality of development, the industry in the country will consolidate the momentum of stoppages and increase, and lay a solid foundation for accomplishing the objectives of the whole year.

    Accelerate the promotion of technological reform

    The notice pointed out that the implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan for key industries was comprehensively promoted. Relevant departments should regard the implementation of ten major industrial restructuring and rejuvenation plans as the top priority of the current work.
    Accelerate the promotion of technological transformation of enterprises and optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. The special funds for technological reform determined by the Central Government have been decomposed into various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in accordance with the principles of hierarchical management. All regions must make meticulous arrangements and actively use them. We must earnestly implement the "Measures for the Management of Special Investment in Key Industry Promotion and Technological Transformation" issued jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission. After the first batch of technical reform projects are issued, we will go all out to implement the approved technological transformation projects. We must supervise the technological transformation enterprises to have their own funds in place and take the initiative to interlink with banks to effectively help them to implement the loans; and make overall arrangements for the use of special funds for technical reforms at the central and local levels to do follow-up tracking and supporting implementation. While continuing to actively arrange the first batch of technological transformation projects in the region, we must do a good job in the selection and reserve of follow-up projects to achieve “reconstruction of batches, production of batches, and reserve of batches”, to promote rolling and strengthen the long-term development of the industry. .

    Strive for a loan of 600 billion yuan for SMEs

    The circular emphasized that every effort was made to support the development of SMEs. Relevant departments must concentrate their efforts on various tasks to ease the financing difficulties of SMEs. Establish and improve the credit guarantee system for small and medium-sized enterprises, make good use of central and local guarantees to supplement funds, and actively promote the experience of some regions in support of SME credit guarantee re-guarantee work, and strive to achieve the goal of 600 billion yuan for SME loans this year; vigorously expand SMEs Financing channels, actively recommending and assisting qualified SMEs to directly go public through "GEM" financing, promoting the development of various forms of SME financing and property market pilots, and encouraging eligible SMEs to issue bonds together; active and financial, financial Coordinating with departments to form operable programs and assessable indicators, expand the scale of commercial banks' loans to SMEs; continue to support SME restructuring, energy-saving and emission reduction, technological transformation, technological innovation and public service platform construction, and do a good job of industrial clusters Demonstration project-related work; help SMEs solve the difficulties encountered in production and management, and guide enterprises to stabilize employment.
    We will actively develop the productive service industry and promote the integration of the two. The notice requires that, in accordance with the industrial layout and industrial structure in the region, organizations such as scientific research, design, transportation, logistics, finance, information, and software should serve industrial development.
    The notification also requires that the comprehensive coordination of the industrial sector and safeguards of the operational elements should be effectively implemented, and that the company should actively organize and guide the enterprises to strengthen management and improve their quality.

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