In 2009, Shangchai Truck Dealer & Key Customer Association held in Shanghai

On April 23rd, Shangchai Truck Dealer & Key Customer Association was held in Lansheng Hotel in Shanghai. A total of 210 representatives of OEMs and distributors from all over the country gathered together to exchange information and respond to the international financial crisis. New Challenges; Talk about the new requirements of truck customers for manufacturers and service providers; discuss the status and role of Shanghai Diesel Engines in the future development, and gather the passion of Chai Tongren to work hard.

Mr. Xiong Weiming, general manager of Shangchai, and Mr. Jingang, the deputy general manager, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Hongwei, general manager of Power Marketing.

At the meeting, Comrade Jin Gang, deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech on behalf of the party, the government, and the workers of Shangchai. They welcomed the members of the Shangchai family who had gone all the way to travel to the Shangchai company for a long time to participate in the friendship meeting. They also thanked the Shangchai company for its long-term cooperation. The support for the company's love for Shangchai's products and its efforts to promote Shangchai's products to market.

Cao Zongqiang, director of trucking department of Power Marketing Company, reviewed the development of the diesel products in the truck market, focusing on the features, functions, and points of purchase of the 09 truck products. Wang Hongwei also made a promise of “Easy + People” to the delegates on the after-sales service of trucks and parts supply, which aroused the participants’ repercussions.

At the meeting, leaders of Beiqi Foton, Anhui Hualing, and Chongqing Hongyan made speeches respectively to the conference, introduced their respective corporate culture, product features, service features, and introduced their advantages in matching with Shangchai products.

In a warm applause, Mr. Xiong Weiming, General Manager of Shanghai Diesel Engine made a keynote speech. He talked about the vision of Shangchai’s entry into SAIC and the work that Shangchai has done to develop the internal combustion engine. The bear's simple language lays out the future vision of Shangchai Company; the digital description reflects the potential of Shangchai Company in the development of the truck market, and it also shows its commitment to the customer once again. Participants gave a round of applause for the speech delivered by General Manager Xiong Weiming.

After the meeting, delegates visited the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition with interest.

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