How to maintain the carpet?

How to maintain the carpet?

The carpet is one of the decoration materials in the home decoration. It not only plays a decorative role, the soft material can also keep warm. However, if you do not regularly clean the carpet, it will breed a lot of bacteria, so if everyone has a carpet at home, it must be properly maintained, so as to create a healthy and clean home. How to maintain the carpet? Henan Jie Wei Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. for everyone to explain in detail.
First, avoid light.
Since the carpet is colored with a mineral dye, the carpet can easily fade if exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time. Therefore, when choosing the position of the carpet, try to avoid direct sunlight. If the sun is placed in the living room, the sun will be adequately shaded by gauze curtains.
Second, dust.
It is easy to accumulate dust in the fiber of the surface layer of the carpet, so it is necessary to regularly clean the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Regular and thorough vacuuming is performed weekly so that dirt will not be embedded deep into the pile, as the dirt will grind at the bottom of the fiber and accelerate the wear of the carpet. Do not wait until more dirt has penetrated into the carpet fibers before cleaning. Before the dust has entered the carpet pile, vacuuming is an economical and effective way to remove dirt and impurities. In order to obtain a better vacuum effect, before the vacuum cleaner bag or the cleaning box is in a half-full state, the dirt in the vacuum cleaner should first be removed and the carpet cleaned. In addition, it should be noted that when using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet, it needs to be cleaned along the direction of the hair.
Third, anti-pollution to stains.
Carpets should not be contaminated with oil, acid, etc. during use, and should be promptly removed in the event of contamination. Because the new stains are the easiest to remove, if the stains are dry or penetrate deep into the carpet, they will not be easily removed and there will be long-term damage to the carpet. Frequent access to the area is most likely to be contaminated, and the stains will spread to other parts of the room. Therefore, a small antifouling mat should be added to the entrance of the entrance to wipe off dust from the soles of the shoes, which can reduce the accumulation of dust and indoor spread.
Fourth, change the position.
After several years of carpeting, it is best to change the position so that it can wear evenly. Once in some places there is uneven or when the fiber is laid down, it should be lightly tapped. It can also be applied with a steam iron or a hot towel, so that the overwhelming carpet pile can be restored. If furniture is placed on the carpet, it is better to place a slightly larger gasket under the furniture to avoid indentation.
Fifth, the room should pay attention to ventilation, moisture, so as to avoid carpet worms, mildew.

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