Pipeline filter fills the gap in the sewage treatment market

In the past few days, the Han River has been heavily polluted. The Qianjiang and Jianli counties and cities along the three branches of the lower reaches of the Hanjiang River have affected more than 10 townships and farms, and more than 200,000 people cannot use water. The affected Xingou Town did not receive emergency water from groundwater. The town’s 60,000 residents were forced to stop supplying water for domestic use, and residents could only rely on pure water and a small amount of groundwater for emergency response.

All five schools, including Xingou Middle School, were suspended. In another incident of water pollution, only when the incident took such a serious stage, the relevant departments began to take action and began to pay attention. We can't help but ask them what they would have done before. We must realize that water pollution is not reached in one day or two. In terms of degree, to be contaminated to the point where it is impossible to drink, I estimate that not half a year will not be possible. In the past six months, no one will check the water quality. Is it a routine test? The current hydrology department is in every place, and they are all doing what. Can the pipeline filter effectively solve the sewage?

In fact, water pollution is not a trivial matter. In the past, there were also many accidents. The cyanobacterial red algae incident was also caused by water pollution. When seeing water pollution occurred in other places, the relevant departments are not vigilant. This is a work attitude issue and it is also a kind of consciousness issue. People often remind others, pay attention to environmental protection, and be careful about water pollution. It is precisely because they neglected their own side. The water pollution, which departments will be dereliction of duty, I think in the process of water pollution, there will be some cadres who are removed from office or demoted. Maybe this can be solved, but can it really solve the pollution problem? It is only a matter of Some people have played a role, while others have a spectator’s psychology. They still feel that they are far away from themselves. They do not pay attention at all. Others are blind and optimistic. They think that such pollution cannot occur around their own, and everything is normal here. Everything happened in other places. Only the pipe filter of Beijing Mingyuan Kaide Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. can truly solve the problem of water pollution.

In fact, China's environmental protection propaganda and pipeline filter treatment are the most effective. However, why do pollution incidents occur frequently? That is, people do not pay attention and do not know how serious the water pollution is, and there are people who are interested in water quality. Some polluting manufacturers, such as cement factories and paper mills, have no treatment for sewage disposal. The sewage naturally flows into the water. Accumulation to a certain extent will suddenly trigger an outbreak and give people warnings. Some people say that the last drop of water on the earth is the tears of human beings. I wonder if humans will have tears if there is no water? The water pollution in the Han River is said to be related to a local temperature change. The reason is too unreliable. Does the temperature change, will it cause pollution? Will those pollutants in the water be produced with the temperature? This is simply not possible, but someone is making excuses for their own mistakes. The advent of pipeline filters will always break the traditional pattern of equipment.

Pipeline filter to treat water pollution, we must first strictly in accordance with the requirements, pollution control unqualified enterprises, must stop production, and never tolerate the government to deal with pollution is not timely, the relevant person in charge must be dealt with, only moderate to say, has been resolved No problem, only a little bit of realism, a bit of strength, it may be effective. Imagine such a long period of pollution, such a large area of ​​pollution, this stop of water, and then think of the event of blue-green algae in Wuxi, without exception, people play a crucial role in it, water pollution is terrible, But even more frightening are those who cause pollution, as well as those who do not see pollution.

In the implementation of sewage treatment, it is not possible to rely solely on pipeline filters. Everyone must also accelerate the pace of sewage treatment and effectively carry out efficient treatment of sewage.

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