· China's auto industry will rebuild the industrial system to promote international capacity cooperation

On the 11th, it was learned from the China Machinery Industry Federation that since the beginning of this year, the international political and economic environment has undergone profound changes, unstable and uncertain factors have increased, and the demand for the automobile market has not been strong. Overall, the development of domestically produced sales of major automobile production is uneven, and the economic operation has shown a slowdown. The overall market situation is grim in the future.

In the first four months of this year, the cumulative production and sales of automobiles in China, the United States, Japan and Germany were 17.49 million and 16.72 million, respectively, up 0.86% and 1.77% year-on-year. Among them, China's automobile production and sales reached 8.28 million and 8.14 million, respectively, an increase of 4.12% and 2.77% respectively.

The relevant person in charge of the China Machinery Industry Federation said that at present, the new round of technological innovation and industrial revolution characterized by green and intelligence, as well as constraints and challenges from resources, energy and environment, give the world automobile industry form and industrial structure. Has brought a major impact. Focusing on contradictions, adapting to changes in the times, and seeking common development strategies have also become a problem for the Chinese auto industry.

According to industry experts, the automobile industry is one of the industries with the highest degree of international integration. In the era of great change and development, opportunities are rare and challenges are urgent. In the future, the overall framework of the new automobile industry in China should better reflect the combination, complementarity and inclusiveness in terms of capacity cooperation, technological innovation and resource sharing, so as to gather advantages, achieve breakthroughs and improve the overall level of the industry. At the same time, it is also necessary to rationally allocate resources, extend the industrial chain, and enhance the capacity for sustainable development in terms of capital operation, market development, and business model innovation.

The China Machinery Industry Federation emphasizes that the Chinese auto industry needs to rebuild its industrial system. What is needed now is to seize the core elements and start from now on.

First of all, we must start from improving the industrial organization system, and build a multi-organizational form such as multi-integration, vigorously promote the innovation of business organization and create a community of destiny in the automobile industry.

Secondly, starting from adjusting the industry and product structure, improving the engineering and industrialization capabilities of core technologies, creating a more capable industrial innovation system, adapting to market needs and long-term development of product systems, and integrating vehicle and component development. Industrial system.

Third, through the cross-disciplinary and cross-industry cooperation, we will create intelligent manufacturing systems and green manufacturing systems.

Fourth, to promote the industry to go abroad, through the promotion of international capacity cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, etc., to create an international industrial cooperation system with complementary advantages and coordinated development.

Finally, actively constructing work systems such as industry standards, quality, and brands will help support China's auto industry from becoming bigger and stronger.

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