Lhasa police officer in the eyes of foreign tourists: like everyone's good friend is very warm

Lhasa police officer in the eyes of foreign tourists: like everyone's good friend is very warm diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-08-14

"Don't worry, I'll send you back." The 23-year-old Lhasa policeman, Lausanne, used the English language to guide a lost foreign tourist at the Palace Square early in the morning.
Lausanne Zamba was a civilian police officer at the police station of the Palace Square in Potala. When he was on duty at the Palace Square, he saw a blonde tourist squatting in the square. Lausanne Senba walked quickly and asked in English: "Hello, can I help you?"
The tourist named Jennifer from USA. She visited the Potala Palace on her own day and wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. However, she forgot the address of the hotel and the language was unreasonable. When Lausanne Zambia asked Jennifer's residence, he stopped a car and sent her back. Jennifer was happy to say a few "Thanks" to the handsome guy.
At noon of the same day, Philip from Canada and his two companions are using the camera to photograph the beauty of the Potala Palace, and also asked the reporter to help them take pictures. Philip said that they have been traveling to Tibet for a week. Lhasa is their next stop and will return on the second day.
"Before the visit, my friends told me that I must pay attention to security in Tibet. When I arrived in Tibet, I found that it was totally different from the outside world. It was orderly and safe." Philip and the reporter talked about his impression of Lhasa: Lhasa is An ancient city is also a modern city. The people here are very enthusiastic. The police at the Palace Square look like the good friends of everybody. They patiently guide the tourists or help the old people to solve the difficulties and feel warm. . He said that after returning home, he will introduce his friends to the beautiful and peaceful Tibet and invite more friends to visit Tibet.
As Philip saw, the civilian police at the police station at the Palace Square became a very good friend of the people. "The sparrow is small and fully-organized." In this convenient police station of only 36 square meters, convenient rest chairs, wheelchairs, water heaters, tool boxes, umbrellas, blood pressure meters, and oxygen tanks are available for the people to use.
“A police officer on duty who sees a severe altitude sickness will receive him to receive oxygen and rest here; many elderly people who have been transferred to this place will also become accustomed to picking up cups of boiling water every day.” Potala Palace Square Convenience Police Station Zhao Hongzhong, head of the station, said that since the establishment of the police station in November 2011, numerous police services such as answering questions from tourists and helping the public to seek medical treatment have been countless.
Zhao Hongzhong explained that it is now in the tourist season and the local people who pass through the city have an average daily flow of nearly 50,000 people at the time of the peak. How to make good service and ensure safety has become the focus of the police station. “Private police are overloaded every day and work an average of 15 hours a day.”
Standing 2.08 meters tall and wearing police uniforms, Awang Tashi is a “beautiful scenery” at the Palace Square. When the handsome man with the first citizen of Lhasa’s citizens is on duty in the square, there is an average of every 2 minutes. A group of tourists came to consult with him and he answered patiently. Awang Tashi said that he goes to work before 7 o'clock in the morning and goes off after 10 o'clock in the evening. Because he is too busy, he has no time to accompany his girlfriend. "She broke up with me." The 26-year-old boy shook his head helplessly and said, "Although I'm tired, but I do not regret the police, I feel very happy to help others."
According to statistics, at the end of last year, the Tibet Autonomous Region began to innovate social management services and established convenient police stations in the region. "When the police station was just established, many people did not understand it. With the intimate service of the police deeply rooted in the people's minds, the civilian police station gradually became a good friend of the people." Zhao Hongzhong said with a smile. (Finish)
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