Small fire sprinklers are suitable for places that are not accessible to large fire engines such as districts, factories and mines

Small fire sprinklers are suitable for use in places where small fire engines cannot enter, such as residential areas, factories and mines, etc. Fires accidentally damages the lives of the affected people and the safety of the property. Therefore, fire engines are an essential vehicle for people and cargo-intensive areas. Fire engines are relatively large, such as single-aisle fire engines and double-bridge fire engines. These fire engines have the advantages of large water capacity and long-range injection. They are suitable for large-scale buildings and have a wide fire-fighting access, but if they are Fire in the old streets and alleys, heavy fire engines due to the large size, by the fire scene roads or narrow fire passages can not enter or barely able to slow access to the safety of property losses are heavy, the country five Kama green fire sprinkler main It is widely used in areas with high density of people, factories and mines, chemical plants, bazaars, and communities, and where there are many potential safety hazards in large-scale fire fighting vehicles. It has a strong jetting ability and a long range, and it is more flexible to enter and exit a relatively large-scale fire engine.


In addition, the car can also be used as a green sprinkler to play the function of greening and spraying vehicles in areas such as landscaping and engineering road spraying. Do not look like a small figure. It is as good as 18 martial arts in the field of spraying. The key is that the price of sprinklers is reasonable and cost-effective. Therefore, the model has received a large number of residential areas, the approval of the factory and mining enterprise property department!
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