Characteristics and schemes of downward stratified filling mining method

The main feature of the downward stratified filling method is that it is stratified from top to bottom and layered under the artificial roof of cemented filling in the stage. Under the condition that the rock is extremely unstable and the surface is not allowed to collapse, it can be safely operated under the artificial roof; it will not cause a large amount of depletion and loss during the ore mining process; the local change of the ore body shape will not affect the recovery. Scores layer caving in fact it is more reliable, especially in sulfur, unstable rock metal ore mining conditions, using this method is more effective.
The mining schemes of the downward stratified filling method mainly include: a downward horizontal layered cementation filling method; and a downward inclined layered cementation filling method.
Most of the mines that use the downward stratified cementation filling method use inclined stratified mining. According to the rock drilling, mining equipment and filling methods used, the ordinary mining scheme of electric pick and gas leg rock drill is adopted; there is a mechanized mining scheme for rock drilling, mining, charging and roof protection by using large-scale trackless equipment. In the process of filling the road, in order to achieve the most economical and reliable method of connecting the top, the inclined approach mining mode is adopted, and the top and bottom plates of 5°~12° are formed when the recovery is made, so that a good filling and self-flowing can be achieved. top.

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