CNC high-speed milling machine into an investment focus

CNC high-speed milling machine into an investment focus In recent years, the rapid development of the automobile and motorcycle industries, shortening the cycle of molding, and increasing the market competitiveness have become the top priority for mold companies. High-speed cutting technology has become a hot technology and widely used by mold companies. High-speed machining is a processing technique characterized by high cutting speeds, high feed rates, and high machining quality. It has a low temperature rise, small cutting force, smooth machining, high machining quality, and high machining efficiency (for ordinary milling machining 5 ~ 10 times) and machinable hard materials (up to 60HRC) and many other advantages, are increasingly valued in the mold processing.

The introduction of high-speed machining technology into the mold industry has increased the accuracy of molds and greatly reduced the time required for mold making. Studies have shown that HSM processing time can be reduced by more than 30% for molds with a general complexity. In the production of CNC high-speed milling technology, can greatly shorten the time of the mold. After high-speed milling, the mold surface after finishing can be used with only a little polishing, which saves a lot of grinding and polishing time.

CNC Machining Turning

CNC machining/lathe machining turning is the workpiece is fixed on the lathe, using high speed rotating machine drives the workpiece, the turning. tool on the workpiece so the product shape is round. The maximum of our machines can clip the weight of 200Kg, maximum diameter of 450mm, length of 750mm. high speed 3000RPM. processing materials are commonly used in steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel POM, PS, PMMA, and other metal and plastic. The CNC machining turning precision of 0.01mm. concentric 0.01. we have specialized equipment to test products, these instruments include: TESA Grohe, micrometer, projector, calipers. Product surface treatment has anode, electroplating, sand blasting, passivation, surface drawing, spraying, laser carving, such as LOGO, etc..CNC machining Turning application in a variety of industries, including: cars, ships, communications, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment.

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