What is the purpose of the carpet?

What is the purpose of the carpet?
With the development of the country’s economy, the standard of living has gradually increased, and interior decoration, especially soft decoration, has become a new fashion trend. The carpets in the floor decoration play a very important role in homes and hotels, office buildings, public entertainment and other places. Although its practical value is gradually diminishing, the decorative value, aesthetic value and collection value are obtained. Full highlights. Therefore, we need to know some preliminary carpet knowledge. The following [Hebei Jiewei Cleaning Products Co., Ltd.] sums up the following points for you:
1. Sound insulation effect - The carpet can absorb and block sound wave with its close and breathable structure, with good sound insulation effect.
2. Improve air quality - The fluff on the carpet surface can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving indoor air quality.
3. Carpet Safety - The carpet is a kind of soft paving material, different from the hard floor pavement materials such as marble and ceramic tiles, it is not easy to slip and bump, there are recommendations for children, elderly people, etc. blanket.
4. The effect of artistic beautification - The carpet has rich patterns, beautiful colors, and diverse shapes, which can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality.
5. Non-toxic - The carpet does not have radiation, does not emit gases such as formaldehyde that are not conducive to good health, and meets various environmental protection requirements.
From this point of view, carpets are of vital importance in everybody's life. What should I do if the carpet is dirty? 【Hebei Jiewei Cleaning Products Co., Ltd】Using carpet high-pressure washing machine, high-pressure cleaning, strong draining, with a small amount of detergent, no pharmacy residue, no odor, completely remove deep dirt, but also does not damage the quality of the carpet, In Henan Province praised by everyone!

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