How to deal with paint exhaust gas

Spray paint is a kind of artificial paint, made of nitrocellulose, resins, pigments, solvents, etc. It is usually sprayed on the surface of the object evenly with a spray gun, which is resistant to water, oil, and dried quickly. It is used to paint automobiles, airplanes, wood and leather. The substance is toxic and has a certain impact on the body. Different brands of spray paint have different toxicity due to different content of ingredients. When using it, pay special attention to safety and avoid inhalation and skin contact.

Spray paint exhaust gas hazard: Spray paint in unprotected condition, the concentration of benzene in the air of the workplace is quite high, and it is extremely harmful to paint workers. Long-term exposure to benzene can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in leukopenia, platelet decrease, bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction and other diseases The harm of paint to the human body can not only occur through inhalation of the lungs, but also can be absorbed through the skin. The human skin is in direct contact with the paint and can dissolve the fat in the skin, resulting in chapped skin, inflammation and also into the human body. Automobile painting is one of the important contents of car beauty. Workers will inevitably come into contact with benzene during work, and must be protected. The duration of the work cannot exceed 30 minutes. Excessive intake of benzene in the human body can cause aplastic anemia at least, and leukemia in others. Therefore, the protective configuration must be prepared when painting, at the same time limit the working time, and the work place should have good ventilation.

How to deal with paint exhaust gas, China's waste gas treatment equipment trading network tells you:

1, the plant liquid gas phase chemical reaction

Efficient use of high-efficiency spray tower to effectively remove paint slag and paint mist in spraying exhaust gas. Washing with vegetal liquid can reduce the viscosity of paint slag and paint fog, and improve the removal efficiency of paint slag and paint mist from spray washing tower. The use of a highly activated biological exhaust gas purification tower ensures that exhaust gas indicators meet emission standards, removes odors from the exhaust gas, and reduces the impact of exhaust gas on the surrounding environment. Effectively remove organic waste gases such as benzenes, esters, ketones, non-methane total hydrocarbons, and VOCs. Low cost, no safety hazards, no secondary pollution.

2, water spray method

Spray paint exhaust water treatment water spray technology is widely used in air pollution control, has been applied in the spraying process, such as the curtain cabinet as an example, the principle is through the water spray in the exhaust emissions, water-soluble or large particles settlement, to achieve pollutants, clean The purpose of gas separation. The utility model has the advantages of simple water resources, can be reused after sedimentation and filtration at the same time, reduces the waste of water resources, and has a very high efficiency in the treatment of large particles, and is usually used for the pretreatment of exhaust gas treatment.

3, condensation method

Spray paint treatment Direct condensation or adsorption Concentration condensation, recovery of condensate by separation and the value of organic matter. This method is used for high concentration, low temperature, and small volume of exhaust gas treatment. However, large investment, high energy consumption, high operating costs, generally do not use this method to clean spray paint exhaust.

4, plasma reaction method

Decomposition of exhaust gas molecules using a plasma containing high-energy reactive groups generates carbon dioxide and water, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas. However, this method is not suitable for use in the treatment of flammable and explosive paint organic waste gas. It has potential safety hazards and the maintenance of the equipment is complicated.

5, direct combustion method

Using oil or natural gas as an auxiliary fuel, the heating mixture is heated to a certain temperature (700°C-800°C), and the time stops some of the harmful gases produced by the combustion of the fuel. The method is simple in technology, low in equipment investment, but high in energy consumption and high in running cost.

6, catalytic combustion

Under the action of the catalyst, the hydrocarbons in the organic waste gas are rapidly oxidized to water and carbon dioxide under conditions of low temperature, and the purpose of control is achieved. However, the use of low-concentration exhaust gas with a large amount of air has a high cost and a large operating cost.

7, activated carbon adsorption

Directly adsorbing organic gases through activated carbon has the advantages of simple equipment, low investment, and convenient operation, but requires frequent replacement of activated carbon. The wind resistance of the equipment is large. The wind pressure of the fan is high and the power consumption is high. Replacement of activated carbon after use and subsequent processing troubles. Difficulties in ventilation in the spray booth after saturation can affect product quality.

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1. Primary agammaglobulinemia, such as X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia, common variant immunodeficiency diseases, immunoglobulin G subclass deficiency, etc.

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3. Autoimmune diseases, such as primary thrombocytopenic purpura, Kawasaki disease

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