tire foaming shine spray for car care

1.Remove the stains and dust on the surface of tire quickly.
2.The tire will look brand-new after spray.
3.Clean, glaze and maintain all kinds of rubber tire.
4.Long-lasting bright protection layer can be formed on tire surface.
5.Extend the use life of tire by preventing ultraviolet radiation, aging, fading, and chapping effectively.

The scope of usage 
1.Suitable for car, household, fire prevention walls, curtain, fan,porcelain products,paint, wood, wood or metal
2.Also used in artificial leather, velvet,fiber,carpet and so on
Operation step 
1.Before use this tyre cleaner,clean the mud on the tire surface with clear water, special for the very dirty tyre.
2.Shake well before use
3.Keep 15-20cm away from the tire when spray
4.Wait for about 10 minutes to dry, then wipe it with soft cloth
DESCRIPTION 650ml car tire shine spray tire cleaner
CAN Material Tin Can
Volume 650ML
Carton Size 44*29*24.8cm
G.W./CTN 14kg
CBM/CTN 0.0316

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